Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here's my idea to save the automobile industry.Don't give the Big Three automakers 25 billion dollars. Give it to the American consumer.Here's how. Allow each household to apply for a "coupon" similar to the ones made available to purchase digital television converter boxes. Fix the amount for new cars, say $10,000.00. Cars will suddenly be affordable. Most will be unable to pay cash for the balance and will have to apply for loans. This will "unfreeze" the credit markets as financial institutions will want to make sure they get a piece of the pie. The current inventory of automobiles will dwindle almost immediately. Consumers will also trade in their current automobiles creating a flood of used cars in the market. The same coupon can be used for a discounted price (certainly not $10,000.00) for used cars. Again, most consumers won't be able to purchase these used cars outright and accordingly financial institutions will compete for auto loans, again unfreezing credit. For used cars, the coupons will be pro-rated for model year, make and fuel efficiency. Consumers who have been shut out of the new car market will suddenly be able to purchase new cars and the infusion of cash should enable Detroit to figure a way out of their financial mess. The biggest advantage will be an immediate benefit to the consumer. Congress, take care of the consumer and the market will solve the problem.

I'm Back

I'm back and will be catching up in the next few days