Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mary C. Jordan (1933-2014)

On behalf of my brothers Mark and Bernie and my sisters Eileen, Kathleen and Maureen and our children, I'd like to thank you for reaching out to us over the past several days as we mourned the death of our beloved mother, grandmother and matriarch; Mary Jordan.

Our Mom and Grammy passed away April 9th after a two year battle with "The Big C."


Damned cancer.

She beat it twice. The third time was not to be the charm.

Eileen, Mark and my daughter Erin delivered the most touching eulogies at Mom's funeral. I cannot write or say anything more eloquent. They weaved the story of our mother's life with moments of great laughter and great tears. Rev. Alex Roche delivered a homily in which he reminded all of us that my Mom's strongest trait as matriarch was her selflessness.

She gave back everything she ever received two fold, to us her children and grandchildren and to her wide circle of friends.

Growing up we were regaled with stories or her years caring for her other family the O'Briens. We were more than a little jealous that they had seen the fun side of our mother. At the end, they joined us in our mourning and we all now understand that special bond. Their support has been a source of great strength for us and is greatly appreciated.

What I am about to write is going to get me in trouble, but it's something I'd like you to know.

Our Mom was a super-hero.

She had two special powers.

Now don't be mistaken, none of us were abused. But all of us took a "shoe" on more than one occasion. There was discipline. Act up and you could expect to get "the shoe."

If there was an Olympic event for shoe tossing Mom would not only win the gold, but captain the team.
Shoes weren't thrown hard. Just enough to get your attention. She could make shoes hang in midair and even turn corners. Even in a family obsessed with the Kennedys, that was some "magic bullet."

But her greatest power was a strong and abiding love for her family and her loyalty to them. She would tell you when you were right and when you were wrong. No one else would know. And she would support us unconditionally with the strength of a million man Army (or I guess in our case: Navy.)

She taught us how to love; love God, love Family, love Country.

In that order.

It was that love of country that led her in her later years to an involvement with politics. She felt a need to give back. In what is some fitting irony, Mom's name will appear on next month's ballot as a candidate for the Luzerne County Democratic Committee from Kingston's 3rd Ward.

We hope she wins.

On Saturday morning, we gave her back to God and a reunion with our Dad, her parents and brothers and sisters and friends.

Thank You God for giving us the best mother and grandmother.

My favorite Bible verse comes from the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 40 Verse 32. "Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar with wings of eagles."

Our wish for her is what she would wish for all of  you...

Eagles' wings.