Saturday, March 29, 2014

Grammar Police

So what?
Don't start your answers to questions with the word, "so."

"I mean."
And by the way, don't offer up the phrase, "I mean," in response to the first question asked of you.
If you haven't answered anything yet, how are we to discern what you mean?

"Ya' know."
Enough said.

In response to anchor questions, many television news reporters will respond with the word, "absolutely."
It's not an absolute.
There are no absolutes. (wait a minute...)

The word is "versus."
There is no such word as verse unless you're talking about poetry.

"Seen" is not the past tense of saw.
I seen an interview on TV with someone who wanted to tell us what they, "seen."

And finally, Yes I have smelled it too.
It's not me!