Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mike McGlynn

I know I haven't posted in a while, but the death of longtime Citizens' Voice columnist Mike McGlynn moves me to write.
I first met Mike when he was a teacher at Bishop Klonowski High School in South Scranton. I was the reporter covering a teachers' strike. Later, we got to know each other as colleagues.
Mike's Cabbage Patch column was an absolute must read.
In 1997 I was the subject of one of those columns:

                       OUT OF THE FRYING PAN           September 10, 1997

Long years as a broadcast reporter cause a man's faculties to fail they say. Judgement becomes clouded. Vision begins to fade. The sense of smell is dulled to a point at which one subscribes to the misconception that a certain substance really is ice cream.
Kevin Jordan has bowed to the inevitable onset of old age. When you can't run with the pack you fade to the back---this from personal experience.

"Politics and the elective process have always been an avocation for me. Now they are going to be a vocation"---Kevin Jordan's entry in "Famous Last Words."


We were not close, but I still would call Mike a friend and his "VOICE" will truly be missed.