Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the Winner is...

I floated this idea months ago, so it's time to drag the dead horse out of the barn and well, do what we do to dead horses. Senator Barack Obama says he has made his choice of runningmate. All eyes will be on the contenders who must fly to Illinois to join the Presidential nominee for the announcement and campaigning on Saturday. The only person who can hop on that plane without raising suspicion is Caroline Kennedy. She will be in Illinois on Saturday, as Senator Obama's pick for Vice President. If Obama picks Biden, or any other of the rumored candidates, he only magnifies his lack of experience. By choosing Kennedy, he makes a bold stroke; truly new young leadership for America. Women will be satisfied after the initial shock and Hillary Clinton will be out of the picture. The Senator needs to effectively push the Clintons to the sidelines and quickly. That leaves Senator McCain to pick his runningmate and no doubt it will be another mature, white politician. The Democrats offer a ticket that is youthful and historic. The Republicans offer a ticket that looks like every other ticket they have ever offered. If Obama doesn't pick Kennedy, Senator McCain should choose a woman to join him. He needs to attract those women who feel disenfranchised by Hillary Clinton's perceived slight. If the Democratic ticket is Obama/Kennedy, Senator McCain could also choose a woman and really stir the pot. If he picks an older experienced woman (Kay Bailey Hutchison) or a Washington outsider (Carly Fiorina) he could attempt to blunt the Kennedy choice. Whatever happens, here's my prediction; a woman will occupy the Office of Vice President for the first time in our history in 2009. That's my opinion. I could be wrong.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Late Great Terry McNulty

She says, "Pushy."
He says, "Is that you Reba or did I forget to bring the cat in?"
She says, "Don't be a wisenheimer Pushy. I have some bad news."
He says, "Bad news Reba?"
She says, "Yes Pushy. That wonderful Terry McNulty died."
He says, "I know Reba. It was all the talk at Naomi's Cafe. Cafe."
She says, "My sister Shirley called to tell me. She heard it from Flossie Guzek."
He says, "Shoo-Shoo Schumacher, Finch and I raised our glasses to Terry."
She says, "Flossie had a vision Pushy."
He says, "I had so much to drink I had double vision."
She says, "Never you mind Pushy. Flossie said she had a vision of Terry standing at the Pearly Gates."
He says, "Go on Reba."
She says, "Flossie said St. Peter wouldn't let Terry into heaven until he answered one question."
She says, "St. Peter asked Terry if there were really people in the studio for the Pineapple Feature?"
He says, "Good question. Wait 'til God finds out it was all made up."
She says, Pushy Bosco!"

August 11th marks the two year anniversary of the death of Terry McNulty. He was my colleague, my mentor and my friend.

The funeral mass at Our Lady of Snows Church in Clarks Summit was the greatest gathering of local broadcast talent in one room, with the possible exception of when Terry entered a studio alone.

When we open the local broadcasting Hall of Fame, Terry will be in the first class.

Rest in Peace, dear friend.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Debit Card Debacle

Sources tell me the Luzerne County Debit Card case is about to break. For the unfamiliar, several county managers are accused of using their county-issued debit cards on items that were not county business. After the story broke, all of them ponied up to the bar (sorry Sam Hyder) and reimbursed Luzerne County for their "unjustified" bills.

Earlier this year, there was a spate of arrests in Luzerne County of Tax Collectors and government employees who were charged with dipping into the public till. Lawyers for all of them tried to have their clients make restitution to mitigate their arrests. District Attorney Jackie Musto Carroll, to her credit, said, "no." The accused had violated the public trust and simply paying back what they had stolen was no way out.

Here are the courses of action as I understand them. First, all used county money as income and therefore are liable for paying taxes, even if they made restitution. Two, the issue of public trust. Federal investigators have been placed in a box by D.A. Carroll. If the feds don't make arrests and close the case, they'll look like they've done nothing.

Let's hope this goes down the right way.