Friday, October 29, 2010

Brother Harold Rogan C.S.C. 1922-2010

Brother Harold Rogan C.S.C. passed away Monday. He was 88.

Brother Harold was the last living member of the founding congregation of Holy Cross priests and brothers who migrated east from the University of Notre Dame to establish King's College in Wilkes-Barre in 1946. That's Brother with His Excellency Bishop John Dougherty at the dedication of a monument on the King's campus in 2008.

We Jordans had a special relationship with Brother. He was my uncle's best friend and Brother was a fixture at my mother's holiday table.

Among the many who came to the Chapel of Christ the King for his funeral was a young woman who literally owes her life to Brother Harold.

On September 29, 1972. she was just hours old when she was discovered by Brother Harold and Francis Lenahan. She had been abandoned. What could have been a tragedy was averted.

Her name is Christine. Today she is a beautiful young woman, wife and mother. Her story is her story and not mine to tell.

She was there tonight, joining Bishops, Priests , Brothers and all the others in the Monarch community to say, "good-bye."

He was unassuming. But Brother Harold had a long meaningful life that touched others and made a true difference.

Rest in Peace Brother Harold.

Rest in God's peace.