Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Stories Shouldn't Be Told

Shame on the local television station that aired a report on the charitable effort by Catholic Social Services and the St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre to give underprivileged kids free backpacks and school supplies.

The station not only showed the faces of children and their parents, but interviewed one young lady who was left to explain that school supplies were expensive and her family could not afford them.

No doubt, CSS sent out a press release to let people know where they could get the free school supplies. That doesn't mean a news department should cover it in a way that could lead to embarrassment and humiliation for children.

Kids can be very cruel. Reporters shouldn't be.

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David Yonki said...

Kevin: How true. But the new brand of journalism around here, devoid of competition gives no thought to sensitivity. You learned from the best. These new guys learned from out of town jaspers.