Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Here’s an easy way to solve the problem Democrats are having with deciding who their nominee for President will be: leave the decision to the elected delegates. So called “super delegates” should not vote. If the super delegates do not vote on the first ballot, neither Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton nor Senator Barack Obama can secure the nomination. That will force at least a second ballot. Under Democratic Party Rules, delegates are released from their obligation to vote for a candidate to whom they are pledged after the first ballot. Now the fun will begin. As long as super delegates stay out of the fray, the decision will rest with delegates who have been elected by the voters of the Democratic Party. The party leadership will not have to deal with charges that they have brokered a nominee in the proverbial “smoke filled room.” Two ballots, three ballots, more…whatever it takes. Whoever the nominee is, charges that they were coronated by the party’s leadership will dog that nominee through November. A floor fight for the nomination that is transparent can only serve to help the nominee. And the hope of a “dream ticket,” Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton can come to fruition without the baggage. So super delegates “stand down” and let the people decide. Let’s get ready to rumble.


David Yonki said...

Kevin: What a great set of points. We would have a great nominating convention, the likes not seen since 1952 when Ike bested Taft (and Ike got in the race in June!!) and if there is true dissatisfaction with either Senators Clinton or Obama, then a third possibility might emerge. Gore? Big Ed from Pa.? If I see this idea being floated on MSNBC by that loudmouth Chris Matthews or that self righteous windbag Tim Russert (and I used to like these guys!) I'll know where they got it from. Welcome to the fray of blogging.

Anonymous said...

Kevin: You can call me Al!

Vince Sweeney said...

I think we discussed this a few months ago, and pretty much agreed most people would think us nuts. But I still say it's going to be the two of them at the top of the ticket. For the longest time, I was convinced it would be Clinton - Obama, but will now be shocked if it isn't Obama - Clinton.

The fact that it is being openly speculated upon by columnists, pundits, even networks is huge, and it's the result of test balloons being floated by both camps. Think of it, you were talking about it first!

Yesterday, Obama made a remark that he felt Clinton was more than qualified to be president. Gee, you don't suppose they're already talking, do you?

Unprecedented things are about to happen, KJ.