Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flotsam & Jetsam

The World Cup is finally over. Well, not officially, but since the United States lost to Ghana, there is no longer a need to watch. ESPN has invested a lot of time and money into presenting the World Cup and got a boost when Team USA got a little further along than many predicted. Frankly, I don't get soccer and I think most Americans will now turn their attentions to a real sport...BASEBALL!

Speaking of which, Edwin Jackson of The Arizona Diamondbacks threw the fourth no-hitter of the year Friday night against the Tampa Bay Rays. If you count the almost no-hitter/perfect game in Detroit, there have actually been five no-hitters. One more and Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig will lower the pitcher's mound and order starters to throw one inning with their opposite hand.

Dateline (Jim Thorpe) If Jim Thorpe is actually buried in Jim Thorpe, then Jim Thorpe's body should be moved out of Jim Thorpe and buried in Oklahoma. The name of the town Jim Thorpe should then be changed to "Mingo." And if you get that reference to 1960's television, congratulations. You've just won two tickets to the Finals of the World Cup.

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