Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moral Terrorism

Army Specialist Dale J. Kridlo will be buried tomorrow at Arlington National Cemetery.

Members of a radical Baptist Church from Kansas had threatened to protest outside his funeral at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in Pittston today.

They did not show up.

Thank God.

The mere threat led a crowd, estimated at between 500 and one thousand, to show up. They ringed the church, hoping to shield Kridlo's family from the vile bile of the protesters.

And the radicals won. Even without stepping foot in Northeastern Pennsylvania, they manged to be interviewed on radio and television and their story was carried in every news account of Kridlo's funeral.

I cannot imagine the anxiety and heartbreak of Kridlo's family. They did not know if stepping out of a car or leaving church would be the trigger that set off the protesters. I hope the overwhelming support of their neighbors and friends was a comfort.

Would the supporters have shown up without the threatened protest? I would like to think so.

Members of the Kansas church have shown up at other funerals. Families have sued them. The case is now before the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

At issue: Freedom of Speech.

It's one of the freedoms Dale Kridlo gave his life protecting.

I wonder what he would think?


RichMates said...

I think journalists have some responsibility to ascertain if these reprehensible zealots will show up. It's a fine line between checking out a story and giving them undeserved free publicity so they can spread the hatred.

But the press has the duty to ask the protesters if they sue those who oppose them and may get physical.

Usually these cases settle out of court.

I would then ask if you finance your church and its activities in this manner.

Too many reporters don't ask. And they don't tell unless you ask.

Anonymous said...

Worse than the idiot crazy folks from mid America, we had our own disgrace to live with. Pittston City Councilman Danny Argo ordered the hero's banner honnoring Dale Kridlo be taken down from the Columbus statue grounds because "Kridlo was not Italian!" Unbelievable but any member of city council can verify this. GI Joe, Proud Veteran