Friday, December 10, 2010


Rev. Daniel D. Hitchko has died. Father was the Principal at Central Catholic High School from 1968-1974. He was particularly close to my graduating class, the Class of '74. He was beloved and admired  In our last year at "Central" the name of our high school was changed to Bishop O'Reilly. We all hated the name and some of us got in big trouble after we complained in writing to then Bishop J. Carroll McCormick. 

At our graduation dinner, Father Hitchko gave each of us a special gift. It was a small snifter. On it were the words, "Central Catholic High School, Class of 1974." It's the only thing I have from my graduation that says, "Central Catholic."

Requiescat in pace, Father.

Several weeks ago, I wrote about Kaiden Abul-Ela and his courageous battle against a rare form of brain cancer. Kaiden passed away this morning in the arms of his parents. There is a group on Facebook that was dedicated to following his story. (Let's Help Kaiden) His father writes poignantly of his son's death.

Kaiden was just two years old.

Rest in Peace.

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