Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In an interview on WILK'S "The Morning News with Webster and Nancy," Senator Arlen Specter repeatedly referred to the jobs he saved at, "Letterkenny Army Depot." That's true. Problem #1 is Letterkenny is in Franklin County and of virtually no interest to the voters of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He probably meant the Tobyhanna Army Depot, something pointed out by Nancy Kman after the interview.

Specter is in the fight of his political life with Representative Joe Sestak for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate.

In the closing days of the campaign there have been whispers about Specter's age. He's 80 and would be 86 should he complete a sixth term.

A few weeks ago, Specter thanked supporters at the Allegheny County Republican Dinner. Problem #2, the Senator was speaking before the Allegheny County Democratic Dinner.

Problem #3, Specter switched from Republican to Democrat last year and cast a crucial vote in favor of President Obama's financial recovery plan. For the past thirty years, the Democrats Specter now courts have been trying to find a way to beat him.

Now they can.

I don't think this is going to be as close as some predict. Sestek in a walk and a major upset

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David DeCosmo said...

You called it Kevin. But, then again, you usually could and did!