Sunday, May 2, 2010

That Saturday in September

George Emil Banks is nuts.

Period. End of sentence. End of story.

As a reporter for WBRE-TV 28, I covered the thirteen murders and one assault Banks committed on September 25, 1982. Five of the victims were his own children.

I covered his murder trial in 1983.

I know the prosecutors. I know the investigators. I know the defenders. I know the case well.

George Banks is delusional. Is now and probably was then.

There is no chance he will ever be released from prison.

I do not believe that any Governor of Pennsylvania would be comfortable in signing an execution warrant given the conflicting testimony of experts who cannot agree if Banks is competent to die by lethal injection.

It’s time for the endless appeals to be over.

This is closure. It is not the closure some sought, but it is closure.

Period. End of sentence. End of story.

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Rich Mates said...

First of all, I agree with Kevin's assessment of George Banks' mental processes. He is as nuts as they come.

He is nuts, but he is not insane. Insane is a legal term and a jury of Pittsburgers made made that decision nearly three decades ago.

I was there throughout the incident on Monroe Street and the trial. I can still remember the description ofbody organs on top of a TV, Al Flora';s weeping as Banks took the witness stand, "coroners paste," and Banks telling the young woman juror, They lied to you."

Should they execute Banks? i'm not sure it will make a difference after 30 years. I wonder if Banks Mind has deteriorated to point that death would not be a punishmnt but a relief.