Saturday, May 8, 2010

Valentino C. Andreoli 1940-2009

This week is National Law Enforcement Week and I wanted to acknowledge the late great Tino Andreoli.

Tino was a Wilkes-Barre City Police Detective and a friend who passed away late last year. The photo is from his "baseball card," which proudly sits under glass on my desk.

Tino has been on my mind since the death of Tigers' baseball legend Ernie Harwell. Tino loved baseball. He loved the Boston Red Sox. But it was not unusual to see Tino show up at high school and college sporting events. When you were in his presence, he made you feel like you were his best friend. That was something I read about Ernie Harwell.

And he had the greatest name, Valentino Andreoli.

Tino was a great cop and an even better guy.

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